Monday, April 19, 2010

Grand Opening

Looks like I have been very bad about keeping up my blog!  So today I thought I would add a new piece.  This one is all Colored Pencil, done on White Stonehenge Paper, size is aprox. 10" x 10 ".  The title came about becuase I was having a one woman show and I needed something to use for a grabber.  So I thought "Grand Opening" sounded like it would fit the bill! 


  1. This is so beautiful and rich looking. I can't believe it's colored pencil.

  2. It's gorgeous and very well done. You have created a beautiful rich color and depth to this piece. Wonderful!!

  3. LOL - It's ok to be bad sometimes ;)

    I agree, it's a beauty! Nice title too... and so appropriate for this time of yr, hehe

  4. Hi Nancy! Yes colored pencil is a great medium to work with as the color stays very vibrant.
    Christine, it so nice to hear from you and thanks for the compliment!
    Hey there Brandy Girl! Thanks for telling me it okay to be bad! Hope you have some more little heifers in the works!

  5. Hi Jean
    the flower stands out excellent, brilliant painted :)