Monday, April 19, 2010

"Rhodie in the Spotlight"

Here is another floral,  this one is done in Watercolor!  The flower was from my garden but I did change the values a bit to give it more depth in the shadows.  I wanted the flower with the light filtering through the petals to be the focal point!  Size on this one is
10" H x 14" wide.  As you can tell I really like to paint florals.  I was always told that you do your best work when you enjoy what you are painting!

Grand Opening

Looks like I have been very bad about keeping up my blog!  So today I thought I would add a new piece.  This one is all Colored Pencil, done on White Stonehenge Paper, size is aprox. 10" x 10 ".  The title came about becuase I was having a one woman show and I needed something to use for a grabber.  So I thought "Grand Opening" sounded like it would fit the bill!