Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eternal Dogwood

I will try to post a new piece of art each day... It takes me a while to do this as I have arthritis in some of my fingers so typing takes me while....
This painting was done in Watercolor.  I had cut a branch from my dogwood tree and  put it in a Vase on my kitchen counter.  This was my first attempt at painting"white flowers"!  I used so many colors in this painting, but no white! The light coming through the window made interesting shadows on the flowers and it gave them a beautiful glow!.  I finished it and framed it the day before I took it to an art show. It received an Honorable Mention! I didn't get to enjoy looking at this one as it sold the first day!


  1. just lovely Jean, you did that no white, white very proud!


  2. Congrats on the award and the sale Jean! It's gorgeous. And I'm impressed that you used NO whites too!


  3. Can't say that I'm shocked it sold the first day - THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Love the crop and lighting (and way to go w/ the tech, too!)

    Glad you got this up and going - looks like your a natural at it :D

    (oh and the leaves and nuts is my fav. of yours too ;) )

  4. Thanks Toni, Nancy and Brandy! I should have explained that I used no whites because in Waterclor you save the white of the paper for the parts you want to stay white! Thank You so much for checking this out! I am beginning to feel a little better now about using a Blog!

  5. LOL - I understood about the wc - I have a tube of white but as I'm sure you know... it's just not the same lol!

    I'm glad your feeling better about it :D (knew you could do it - I was the same way when they talked me into it, hehe

  6. Nice job Jean! That is a beautiful painting! And you are doing a fabulous job with the blog!

  7. Guess we do as we are told Huh Brandy!
    Thanks for the pat on the back Beth! I am trying to put some different mediums on my Blog. Nancy says to keep it looking "Professional". Not sure if I am doing that or not......